We invite you to get to know our company RTA. We are an organisation who stroke for constant improvement, and our only wish is to achieve our main objective: your satisfaction.

We have over twenty years of experience dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of clothing for women, which recognises us as a very consolidated company in the fashion world.

The concept of Raúl Torre Arganza comes from the relationship between our own high quality products and an affordable price, always combined with the latest trends.

Our brands are based on our commitment to offer every woman in a comfortable and elegant way.

We have the facilities and the methods of production with the latest advances in technology. The quality of our clothes is controlled by technicians, who continuously supervise the work of all our workshops.

Our capacity for manufacturing and our quick distribution is part of our daily.

And most important of all, is that we dedicate a personalised attention to all our customers, offering us the opportunity of giving them an efficient service.